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APCoRE Training


          The Asia Pacific Consortium of Researchers and Educators will be having a series of training activities revolving around the areas of research writing, modern and innovative pedagogies, and other customized training programs which are designed to bolster its members’ research and teaching capabilities.  


          For 2018, APCORE secretariat, pool of experts and technical working group designed training modules for the following areas:

      On Research

                Basics of research writing and publication

                How to get published in reputable journals

                Managing Research Journals

                How to use the power of social media to boost citation

                How to spot a predatory journal/conference

                How to translate research result reports into comprehensive and less-technical language

                How to develop a well written review of literature

                Writing a graduate thesis and dissertation

                Basics of Research Ethics

      On Education

                Innovative ICT-Based Pedagogies

                Open Universities: How they work?

                Internationalization in Higher Education

                Modern Philosophies of Education

      Customized Programs

                Basics of Broadcast Journalism

                How to conduct face to face interview

                Media Ethics

                Audio-Video Techniques

For more information and details, parties may email us at

*Special rates are available for individual and institutional members.

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