Vision, Mission, Objectives


APCoRE envisions itself as a prime mover of research excellence in the Asia-Pacific Region


APCoRE fosters excellence in multidisciplinary research and educational innovations which are adherent to the principle of professionalism, responsibility, accountability, transparency and democracy.


APCoRE has the following well-defined objectives:

  • It shall be a venue for intellectual discourse; research development; and development of teaching-learning methodologies on various fields of study.

  • It shall promote multidisciplinary research, educational innovations and initiatives, academic, art and cultural exchanges.

  • It shall encourage and facilitate network building, public discourse, national and international exchange of knowledge and information.

Institutional Partners

APCoRE Incorporated. Rm. 309, SCC Building, CFA  Compound,4427 Old Sta. Mesa,1016 Manila, Philippines.  Contact number: +63282540044, +639175477458 , +639989506447.

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