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Asian Graduate Studies Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024)


Asian Graduate Studies Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024)

It is with great pleasure that APCORE and BUU extend an invitation for you and your esteemed institution to participate in the Asian Graduate Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024). This event is scheduled to take place from April 3-5, 2024, at the Bangsaen Heritage Hotel in Chon Buri, Thailand.

The theme for A-GRASS 2024 is "Integrative Solutions for the Future of Asia: Catalyzing Graduate Research for Sustainable Development." The summit aspires to congregate leading academics, scholars, and students specializing in graduate studies to stimulate interdisciplinary dialogues and research collaborations in alignment with the United Nations Sustainable Development Goals (SDGs).

The A-GRASS 2024 is a cross-disciplinary conference specifically designed to cater to the academic and professional development needs of graduate students in the Asian region. The event will span three days and will include a rich assortment of sessions such as:

  • Keynote Session: Distinguished experts will deliver keynote speeches that focus on overarching themes of global and regional relevance.

  • Plenary Sessions: Invited scholars and industry leaders will hold panel discussions and interactive sessions on specialized topics.

  • Research Presentation: An opportunity for graduate students and faculty to present their original completed and ongoing research work, receive feedback, and network with peers and professionals.

  • Research Boot Camp: Hands-on workshops that train attendees in various research tools, methodologies, and publication strategies.

  • Masterclass: Specialized classes from industry professionals on a range of subjects, such as machine learning, sustainability, or social sciences.

  • Research Incubation Grid:   A venue where scholars convene and possibly commence cross-disciplinary research projects. 

  • Research Awards: A ceremony to honor outstanding research work and presentations during the conference.

By anchoring the Asian Graduate Summit 2024 to the UN SDGs, the conference aims to serve as a catalyst for socially responsible academic research and professional development. This alignment provides a direction that is not just intellectually stimulating but also aligned with global priorities, thereby making a meaningful contribution to the betterment of society at both regional and global levels. The submitted and accepted papers for the summit will be classified on the five (5) major conference tracks:

·       Business, Finance & Management
·       Education (Early Childhood, Special, Basic, Technical-Vocational and Higher Education)
·       Engineering & Technology
·       Natural & Applied Sciences
·       Social Sciences, Arts & Humanities

Registration and Further Details:
To register and submission of abstract, please click this link: 




Asian Graduate Studies Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024)


Asian Graduate Studies Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024) PROGRAMME

Asian Graduate Studies Summit 2024 (A-GRASS 2024) Legitimacy

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