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2018 APCoRE Conference

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2018 APCoRE Convention and International Conference

October 31 - November 3, 2018

Westin Resort, Guam, USA


Annually, APCoRE organizes international conference to encourage its members and other scholars and researchers to present their research findings and other related papers. The conference, a multidisciplinary in nature recognizes research as the primary means to acquire new information and innovative ideas in many academic fields and disciplines addressing the different challenges by proposing sound solutions to the various problems of the Asia-Pacific Region.


The 2018 APCoRE Convention and International Conference is a four-day, activity initiated and organized by the Consortium in partnership with higher education institutions in the region with the support of partner organizations both public and private.

The Conference will be held on October 31 - November 3, 2018 at Dusit Thani Resort, Guam, USA. The conference is a follow up through activity from the successful research conferences organized and co-organized by APCoRE in 2011, 2013, 2015 and 2017. With the overwhelming response of research enthusiasts from the academe, business sector and government organizations, the APCoRE with its academic partners felt accountable to lead once again in showcasing worthy intellectual exploration in scholarly works. The following are in the four (4) equally significant research program areas:


  • Science, Technology and Engineering 

Aeronautical Engineering                         Architectural Engineering                           Architecture                                            Automotive Engineering                            Biology                                                      Biomedical Engineering
Chemistry and Material sciences             Computer Science and Engineering             Computer Software and Application            Computing                                              Design                                                       Earth Sciences
Earth, Forestry and Agriculture Sciences     Electrical Engineering                               Energy                                                  Environment, Physics                                Environmental Engineering                           Food Science 
Food Technology                                     Forestry                                                   Information Technology                              Internet and World Wide Web                    Material and Manufacturing Sciences            Mechanical Engineering
Mining                                                  Naval Architecture                                     Networking                                              Nutrition and Dietetics                              Renewable Energy                                       Systems Engineering
Waste Management



  • Education

Academe-Industry Partnership                 Challenges and Issues in Education             Curriculum Development                          Distance Education                                   Early Childhood Education                            Educational Management

Government Support to Education               Innovative Pedagogies                                Issues and Trends in Higher Education       

Issues and Trends in Primary Education      Language Teaching                                     Learning-Teaching Capability Building

Legal Education                                        Mathematics Education                               Philosophy of Education         

Principles of Education                              Professional Ethics in Education                    Science Education

Skills Development                                   Special Education                                       Teaching-Learning Methodologies             

Technical-Polytechnic Education                 Thought Processes                                      Transnational Education


  • Business and Finance

Banking and Finance                                 Business Education                                     Business Ethics                                       

Business Leadership                                 Cooperative Management                            Corporate Social Responsibility

Corporation and Business Laws                  Economics                                                 E-Commerce                                           

Entrepreneurship                                     Fund Management                                      Human Resource Management

Global Marketing                                     International and Transnational Corporations  Local Economy                           

Management                                           Modern Accounting                                     Procedures Philosophy of Business


  • Humanities, Social Science and Communication

Anthropology                                           Urban Studies                
Archaeology                                            Art Reviews
Art Researches                                        Behavioural Sciences
Artistic Initiative and project                      Communication Research
Blogging and Micro-Blogging                     Cultural Studies            
Communication Theories                           Cyber Media                
Culture and Media                                    Difference and Identity        
Democracy                                              Ethnicity
Ethics                                                     Intercultural Communication
Gender and Development                          Journalism Ethics            
Interpersonal Communication                    Media                
Law and Criminology                                Media Engagement of Ethnic Groups    
Media as Instrument of Peace                    Migration        
Media Profession                                     Politics and Governance        
Peace                                                     Public Administration        
Poverty Alleviation                                   Social History        
Refugees                                                Social Work
Social Welfare                                         Sustainability    
Sociological Theories                                Trends and Issues on Media and Culture    
TV, Film and Radio Production


The highlights of this year’s conference are as follows:


  • Research Paper Presentations

  • APCoRE Best Research Paper

  • Matthew Eichler Memorial Fellowship Award

  • Excellence in Research / Excellence in Education

  • APCoRE Membership Oath Taking

2018APCoRE International Conference (2.5

APCoRE International Conference 2018


The Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellow Awards

(Excellence in Research and Education) Finalist


The 2018 Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellowship Excellence in Education Recipient from Technological University of the Philippines, Dr. JESUS RODRIGO TORRES!


A product of Philippine public education system, our honouree embodied academic excellence and unequalled brilliance. He obtained his Bachelor of Business Administration, Master of Business Technology and Doctor of Public Administration from the Rizal Technological University, Philippines. He furthered his academic pursuits by completing postgraduate certificate programs from reputable institutions such as Chulalongkorn University, Nangyang Polytechnic International, Akamai University in Hawaii-USA, Asian Institute of Management, Development Academy of the Philippines, University of Asia and the Pacific and the University of Southern Queensland-Australia. 

A quintessential man of educational leadership, our honouree served the Rizal Technological University in various capacities from College Dean, Director of Research and Development, Vice President for Development and Administration, to Vice President for Academic Affairs. From November 2010 to October 2018, he served RTU as University President and during his leadership the University was able to attain unparalleled milestones. He initiated programs and innovations that benefited the faculty members, students, non-teaching personnel and alumni. He was able to raise funds from external sources for infrastructure, research, personnel/faculty development, and culture, arts and sports development. He revitalized international networking, strengthened academe-industry partnerships, and cultivated stronger ties with the alumni organizations, national and local government agencies. With his stewardship, RTU became a world class University. After his long sterling service to RTU, the Board of Regents of the Technological University of the Philippines, recognizing our honouree’s leadership genius, overwhelmingly voted for him to be the 8th President of the University. 

From a diligent student to an assiduous teacher to a visionary higher education executive, his values of integrity, humility, diligence, and love for the poor and the marginalized students remained bigger than his personality. A staunch champion of good governance in higher education, he was always at the limelight by relentlessly pushing for quality and excellent delivery and production of knowledge. With his principled leadership qualities, he garnered national admiration from Presidents of other State Universities and Colleges in the country. 

Whatever field he would dip his fingers into, he would always ascertain that he makes a difference. He has taught one hundred and twenty five (125) different subjects in the tertiary, master’s and doctorate levels in the fields of Philosophy, Management, Marketing, Filipino, English Literature, Political Science, Education, Physics, Astronomy, Finance, Business Law, Economics, and Psychology. His adeptness is not only confined within academic walls, he is a sportsman, a self taught astronomer, a civic leader, and a culture and arts enthusiast. No less than the Chairperson of the Commission on Higher Education of the Republic of the Philippines labelled him as a modern day Renaissance Man. 

With his genuine service, our honouree was recognized by various award-giving bodies. In 2012, he was awarded the Dangal ng Pasig Award as Most Outstanding Professor, the Padre Faura Award (2007), Outstanding Pasigueño in Science and Technology (2002), among others. 

Ladies and gentlemen, we are fortunate that in our midst today is a modern-day educator, an honest public servant, a manager with a huge heart for the poor, and a leader who defines leadership with compassion. 

In this 2nd day of November, 2018, on the occasion of the APCORE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, the International Advisory Board hereby confers upon 

President, Technological University of the Philippines




The 2018 Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellowship Excellence in Research Recipient from Walailak University, Thailand, Dr. VEERANOOT NISSAPATORN


Our honouree is a prolific researcher and scientist, having published more than one hundred studies in the areas of infectious parasitic diseases including epidemiology, clinical relevance and diagnostic challenges. She likewise centers her interest on natural products and health awareness including anthropologic and zoonotic aspects. Her research area of specialization focuses on Clinical Tropical Medicine, Medical Parasitology and Discovery and Innovative Delivery of Natural Products. Her experiments brought about breakthroughs in pharmacology, medicine, and biology. 

With her willingness to unselfishly share her expertise to the global scientific community, our honouree served and continuously serves as an active reviewer for over thirty (30) different ISI and Scopus-indexed journals. Her sixteen years of teaching experience, mentoring, inspiring and guiding young scientists and students in their individual pursuit of excellence in varied disciplines such as pathology, biomedical sciences, pharmacy and medicine truly attest to her altruistic inclination. 
As scientist-educator-researcher, she transcended boundaries by inspiring many brilliant students from all over Thailand and different parts of the globe. Her students from the University of Malaya-Malaysia, Walailak University-Thailand, and Centro Escolar University- Philippines (as visiting professor) are all testaments of her brilliance and immense impact to the scientific and academic world. She nobly extended her professional expertise to local and international communities. She is an active partner of professional organizations such as the International Union for Sexually Transmitted Infections (IUSTI), The Malaysian Society of Parasitology and Tropical Medicine (MSPTM) and the American Society of Parasitology (ASP). But before she was able to do marvels in her chosen field of research, our honouree prepared and equipped herself with formidable academic grounding. 

She obtained her medical degree from Delhi University, India and furthered her education by taking a Diploma of Tropical Medicine and Hygiene in 1997 and Masters of Clinical Tropical Medicine from Mahidol University, Thailand. Ladies and gentlemen, our honouree, being a scientist with a heart, truly deserves a commendation that would immortalize her immense contributions to the field of medical research. 

In this 2nd day of November, 2018, on the occasion of the APCORE INTERNATIONAL CONFERENCE, the International Advisory Board hereby confers upon 

Walailak University, Thailand



The following are the 2018 APCoRE International Conference Best Research Paper Awardees in the fields of Business and Finance, Social Sciences, Education, and Science,Technology and Engineering:


Dr. M ICHSAN HADJRI (Business and Finance) 

Universitas Sriwijaya, Indonesia

Dr. MA. CARMEN V. PEÑALOSA (Social Sciences) 

Miriam College


Polytechnic University of the Philippines

Dr. ELIZABETH P. PARAC (Science, Technology and Engineering) 

Caraga State University


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