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Member Portal

APCORE Membership Status Checker ver.1.2024

To check the status of your APCORE membership, use our Membership Status Checker tool available here. This tool allows you to verify your membership status and ensure that your details are up-to-date.

For more information or assistance with membership, please contact us at or at




Certificate of Engagement

We understand that many of you require a Certificate of Engagement or Active Involvement to corroborate your active participation within the APCoRE community. We truly appreciate your commitment and are happy to assist you in this process.

To streamline your request, we kindly ask that you complete the Google form provided (, submitting all necessary information and attachments. Prior to this, please confirm your active membership status, ensuring your membership details are updated as per our official website at Copy your membership details.

This form will also ask for a Formal photo of the member for the APCoRE Secretariat monitoring and member updating, and proof of active involvement. Make sure these files are ready before you proceed to completing the form. The information we require includes your membership number, year of membership, and details of your involvement and participation in our organized events and activities; including but not limited to seminars, conferences, and training programs.

Evidence of involvement can take the form of certificates of participation or any relevant photographic documentation. Please attach these files directly in the form.

Once your information and attachments have been submitted, our dedicated team will verify your application. Upon successful verification, we will issue your Certificate of Engagement or Active Involvement, sending it directly to your registered email address (this will take 3-7 days from the day the request is made).

We wish to express our deepest gratitude for your active participation in APCoRE. Your continuous commitment and dedication contribute significantly to the vibrant culture of learning, exchange, and collaboration that defines our organization. We are honored that you chose to be part of our APCoRE family. Your involvement not only fosters your individual growth, but also adds immeasurable value to our collective purpose and impact.


Thank you for being a pivotal part of the APCoRE community and for contributing to the legacy we are continuously building together.

With sincere appreciation,

APCoRE Secretariat

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