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Call for Nomination: Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellowship Awards



Dr. Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellowship Awards
Deadline of Nomination: October 30, 2020


The Dr. Matthew A. Eichler Memorial Fellowship Awards was named after the founding chairman of APCoRE. The awards recognize the outstanding accomplishments of individuals in the areas of Education and Research. 

Eligibility of the Nominee

1. The nominee may or may not be an APCoRE member, of good moral character.
2. A recognized leader in research and or education.
3. Must have established outstanding track record on research, education and any related fields. 
4. Must be nominated by five (5) APCoRE individual members. 

The nominee will be judged using the following set of criteria:

For Education Fellow Award:
• Significant research production 
   in education                                                  25%
• Impact of produced research                             25%
• Research dissemination                                    25%
• Local and international linkages established        15%
• Membership in professional organizations          10%


For Research Fellow 
• Significant research production                          25%
• Impact of produced research                              25%
• Research dissemination                                     25%
• Local and international linkages established         15%
• Membership in professional organizations            10%


The awardees will receive the following:
• Citation of his/her outstanding accomplishments 
• Trophy as Education/Research Fellow 
• Research grants (subject to the submission of proposal)
• APCoRE lifetime honorary membership 


For nomination, please click here:

Deadline for nomination is on October 30, 2020



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