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Sankalpa Journal


      "Sankalpa: The Journal for Management Development & Application", a national journal published by the Department of Business Administration, Utkal University since 1993 is now being republished as "The Sankalpa: International Journal of Management Decisions" with ISSN 2454-7425 with effect from 2015. 

      The term Sankalpa comes from the Sanskrit roots san, meaning "a connection with the highest truth," and kalpa, meaning "vow." Thus, Sankalpa, translates in English to a heartfelt desire/ a solemn vow/ an intention/ a resolve to do something. 
The journal is peer-reviewed and published half-yearly.

      We are a state university; the publication is supported by the University budgetary sources available to the Department. As such, we do not charge any fee for publication, but we look for quality articles

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